What you can expect when buying a home

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make and you need a dedicated real estate agent to ensure that you understand that different steps and aspects of your purchase. This process can vary depending on your individual situation. We’ve also included a downloadable Free Homebuyers’ Guide. We want you to have a great real estate experience.

Mortgage Calculator

Real Estate Tax Calculator 2015

Use the BC Real Estate Association’s Tax Calculator to estimate the taxes on your home purchase.

Should you use a Realtor®?

There is really no good reason not to. Here are a few reasons to use a Realtor® when buying a home:

  1. This is likely the BIGGEST investment of you life.

    Would you attempt to deal with it without the help of a trained and experienced professional? We’re here to help you. We’ll work together to make sure you’re successful and fully informed thru out the process.

  2. It doesn’t cost you; the Buyer, anything.

    Most real estate transactions offer compensation directly to the Buyer’s Realtor® from the Sellers’ Realtor upon the completion of a sale. That means that it doesn’t cost you a thing.

  3. Over 90% of Sellers are using a Realtor®

    If you’re negotiating with a Seller, they’ll be getting professional guidance and expert advice. You deserve the same to ensure that your interests are protected.

Types of Real Estate Agency Relationships:

  1. No Agency

    This occurs when a Buyer writes an offer with the Seller’s Realtor® with whom they have no prior relationship. Here, the agent’s obligations are to act in the best interest of the Seller NOT the Buyer.

  2. Buyer’s Agency

    A Buyer’s Agent is obligated to protect your best interests. Your Realtor® owes you the utmost loyalty and must disclose any information which might influence your decision to purchase.

  3. Seller’s Agency

    The Realtor® acting for the Seller. The Seller’s Realtor® has no obligations to you and will pass on any information you provide that may be of benefit to the Seller.

  4. Limited Dual Agency

    When a Realtor® (or their respective brokerage) is acting for both the Buyer and Seller. There are limitations to the Realtor’s® responsibilities in this situation that both sides must agree to before accepting an offer.